The Love of Potato

Yanook dug her fingers into the soil and felt its moisture console her tired hands. Out of all the produce she looked after at Mr. Tan’s farm, the potatoes were her favourite. She… Continue reading

A Layer of Gold

A long time ago I was covered in tar, a sticky, black substance that slowed my steps as I walked. When I held a friend’s hand or kissed someone it was like a… Continue reading

Skin Deep

He was so dark I almost didn’t notice him. But the glimmer of the purples, oranges, yellows and reds on his skin made it look like it was fitted with a million diamonds.… Continue reading

Musical chairs

I step to the rhythm of silence as it penetrates the conversations of the people appearing and disappearing from the metro platform. I notice silence more now as it has become so rare… Continue reading

City Planning

We don’t have a convertible so to look up into the sky from my mother’s car I have to squash my face onto the dusty back windshield and bend my neck in ways… Continue reading


My grandmother had few wrinkles, owing to the infrequent visits of sadness and worry to the brightly-lit, coloured walls and good-as-new furniture that adorned her home. I would sit in her living room… Continue reading

The Sticky Keys

There was once a very tall giraffe ant that wanted to use a typewriter but didn’t have the fingers to do so. A giraffe ant. That is exactly what I said. With a… Continue reading


Judy always had her hands in her hair. It was as though she were feeling for the pulse under her scalp, for the heat emanating from that head of hers. Her brain, hardly… Continue reading

A Dreadful Fatigue

I should have said no, she thought. A long time ago, she added. But a year ago when she agreed to look after the oldest, most frail man alive, she was desperate for… Continue reading