The Rhythm of Now

The tickle of the grass on her ankles reminds her that she is alive, and so is everything around her. She took off her shoes so she could balance better. She tumbled and fell so many times in those shoes and her steps were so shaky she couldn’t see clearly what was in front of her. But with her shoes off she could feel the pulse of the earth against the souls of her feet, making her more secure, steading the view. She chooses not to discard of those shoes even though they caused her such discomfort because she loves squeezing them in her fingers, it makes her feel like she is in control. She doesn’t always know what she is stepping on but she doesn’t feel for the rocks or the twigs, she just keeps the rhythm of the earth’s pulse. That way, despite her uncertainty about where she will be after 100 steps, she knows how alive she feels in the moment. Her destiny isn’t clear, but she has a grip on her fears and struggles and a real connection to the present.

“There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be…” – John Lennon. 

Listen to my new SONG called Destiny, produced by Level Scores, and remember that because we are only human, we can’t live in both the future and the present, so we must choose one. I recommend the latter.