Dear Investor

From the TTIFC website

An investor’s treasure is return on investment right? Well imagine a treasure coloured with the deep reds, various shades of blues and piercing yellows, of moco jumbies–teenage boys standing on stilts, passionate about life, learning to balance with the help of your investment in Trinidad’s strong education system. Those boys dance around a group of people of Indian, African, European, Asian and Latin-American decent, clutching the local beer and sipping it with pride, tasting the patriotic flavours, home-grown but carried around the world by your investment. They are dancing and sipping on Trinidad’s shores that aren’t just for sunbathing, but for networking, a more realistic paradise. Up from those shores have sprouted blue-glass buildings that invite your investment into our import and export industry, as a Trinidadian’s palette is diverse, and the market for new goods is a supple sponge. Another boy, practicing to throw a carved stick in a park underneath these shiny buildings, is the next Keshawn Walcott, because dreams have and continue to become reality for talented Trinidadians, especially with a boost from your foreign investment. Carnival, the world’s most extravagant show, sustained for decades, year after year opens up markets and offers innovative space for new products, for your treasures. Even in our frustrations we create, as with the unique sound of steel pan that was discovered as people protested the ban on Carnival for two years during the World War. A treasure that cannot be replicated, that tingle in your ears, that mingling of notes, of races, of spices. A treasure neighboured by the complimentary cultures and economies of south America. The leaders and politicians see beyond the boundaries of this small island that faithfully spills out the finest oil, and whose land has satisfied so many sweet teeth with its sugar cane products. That land is still vastly green, vastly untouched, not due to a primitive view of progress, but because of Trinidadian’s expert, intricate balance of paradise and industry. It is a place where the economy is made vibrant by the passion of its people and the natural resources. This is a country, an economy, a people in which you can place your heart, and find much treasure.