All These Things

On her way to school Zara felt the blood rush to her head and saw the road curl and shake before her. She hadn’t had breakfast, or lunch or dinner, for the past… Continue reading

The Rhythm of Now

The tickle of the grass on her ankles reminds her that she is alive, and so is everything around her. She took off her shoes so she could balance better. She tumbled and… Continue reading

Dear Investor

An investor’s treasure is return on investment right? Well imagine a treasure coloured with the deep reds, various shades of blues and piercing yellows, of moco jumbies–teenage boys standing on stilts, passionate about… Continue reading

The Platform’s Edge

While waiting on the platform, Daria slid the bottom of her shoe over the yellow knobs on the floor and listened to the low sound it made. Of the eleven lines of perfectly… Continue reading

Private in Public

Magda almost tripped on the frayed, pink thread that hung over the side of her ballerina flats. The pretty bow on her left shoe had come undone and the newspaper she was holding… Continue reading

Strip Me Spring

I remember the day I first met you like it was the first day of spring. I had spent months protecting myself from the coldness of life, the thick cold that gets under… Continue reading

That Dark Brown

I always go running at 8am, before my husband leaves for work. I tell him it’s because I love to feel the blood gush around the soles of my feet and the crisp… Continue reading

Vision Impaired

The caves in between my toes fill will warm sand as I push my feet in, guiding the billions of tiny particles. I pick up some with my toes and release them into… Continue reading


I take an old piece of cloth from under my kitchen sink and press hard against the dark brown spot on my Zara boots. I hold my breath and squint my eyes so… Continue reading

Residue of Monsters

When I was a child, monsters scared me–the ones under the bed, those in my closet, those that lived wherever there was darkness. But now that I am an adult, it’s the monsters… Continue reading